Research into integrated devices for QIP and the quantum internet at Singapore's Centre for Quantum Technologies.


Publications linked to this team are listed below. We try to support open-access publishing, and provide preprint access and PDF copies wherever possible.

  1. Mapping a quantum walk by tuning the coupling coefficient
    Kian Fong Ng, Manuel J.L.F. Rodrigues, Jose Viana-Gomes, Alexander Ling, James A. Grieve
    Optics Letters 45(2) 288–291 (2020)
    DOI arXiv PDF
  2. Elastomeric Waveguide on-Chip Coupling of an Encapsulated MoS2 Monolayer
    Filip Auksztol, Daniele Vella, Ivan Verzhbitskiy, Kian Fong Ng, Yi Wei Ho, James A Grieve, Jose Viana-gomes, Goki Eda, Alexander Ling
    ACS Photonics 6(3) 595 – 599 (2019)
    DOI arXiv
  3. Characterizing nonlocal dispersion compensation in deployed telecommunications fiber
    James A Grieve, Yicheng Shi, Hou Shun Poh, Christian Kurtsiefer, Alexander Ling
    Applied Physics Letters 114(13) 131106 (2019)
    DOI arXiv PDF
  4. Satellite quantum communications when man-in-the-middle attacks are excluded
    Tom Vergoossen, Robert Bedington, James A Grieve, Alexander Ling
    Entropy 21(4) 387 (2019)
    DOI arXiv PDF
  5. Tunable interferometers on a flexible polymer chip
    James A Grieve, Chengcan Li, Kian Fong Ng, Yi Wei Ho, José Viana-Gomes, Alexander Ling
    Proceedings of SPIE 10733(Quantum Photonic Devices) (2018)
    DOI arXiv
  6. SpooQySats: cubesats to demonstrate quantum key distribution technologies
    James A. Grieve, Robert Bedington, Zhongkan Tang, Rakhitha C. M. R. B. Chandrasekara, Alexander Ling
    Acta Astronautica 151 103–106 (2018)
    DOI arXiv
  7. Mechanically tunable integrated beamsplitters on a flexible polymer platform
    James A Grieve, Kian Fong Ng, Manuel J L F Rodrigues, José Viana-gomes, Alexander Ling
    Applied Physics Letters 111(21) (2017)
    DOI arXiv PDF
  8. Nanosatellites for quantum science and technology
    Daniel K. L. Oi, Alex Ling, James A. Grieve, Thomas Jennewein, Aline N. Dinkelaker, Markus Krutzik
    Contemporary Physics 58(1) 25–52 (2016)
  9. Nanosatellite experiments to enable future space-based QKD missions
    Robert Bedington, Edward Truong-cao, Xueliang Bai, Yue Chuan Tan, Kadir Durak, Aitor Villa, James A Grieve, Daniel Oi, Alexander Ling
    EPJ Quantum Technol. 3(12) 1–10 (2016)
  10. Thick-crystal regime in photon pair sources
    Brigitta Septriani, Janes A Grieve, Kadir Durak, Alexander Ling
    Optica 3(3) 347 (2016)
    DOI arXiv PDF
  11. Deploying quantum light sources on nanosatellites II: lessons and perspectives on CubeSat spacecraft
    Robert Bedington, Edward Truong-Cao, Tan Yue Chuan, Cliff Cheng, Kadir Durak, James Anthony Grieve, Jesper Larsen, Daniel Oi, Alexander Ling
    SPIE Security+ Defence 964811–964811–10 (2015)
    DOI arXiv
  12. Deploying quantum light sources on nanosatellites I: lessons and perspectives on the optical system
    Rakhitha Chandrasekara, Tang Zhongkan, Tan Yue Chuan, Cliff Cheng, Brigitta Septriani, Kadir Durak, James Anthony Grieve, Alexander Ling
    SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications 96150S–96150S–12 (2015)
    DOI arXiv
  13. Correcting for accidental correlations in saturated avalanche photodiodes
    James A. Grieve, Rakhitha Chandrasekara, Zhongkan Tang, Alexander Ling
    Optics Express 24(4) 1–4 (2015)
    DOI arXiv PDF

Older papers by James may be found via Google Scholar or ORCID.